Monday, July 2, 2012

What is Shrink-n-Drink?

Early this year, we were approached by Dr. Julie Helmrich, a clinical psyscologist and professor, about hosting Shrink-n-Drink. Already well established in Milwaukee, the Doc was looking to expand into Waukesha and felt that Key Westconsin would be a perfect host.

After several events, we couldn't agree more. Each time Dr. Julie packs the house, and we provide great service, food, and drinks.

Shrink-n-Drink is a Q&A session (revolving around Dr. Julie's expertise) hosted in a laid back dinner environment. Anyone in the audience can submit a question anonymously, and Dr. Julie answers them armed with a microphone, her knowledge, and most importantly, a sense of humor.
 She speaks for about an hour, often interacting with the audience. Serious questions will get a serious answer (after a little teasing), but Dr. Julie doesn't hold anything back for questions that are obviously a joke. Many of the topics discussed aren't appropriate for kids.

Our usual date for hosting is the first Tuesday of the month; however, giving the upcoming holiday July's date has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 19. Space is limited, so call us (Tue-Sat 11am-10pm) at 262-446-2346 to make a reservation.

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